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June 23, 2014 by arbaldauf

Approximately one month ago, I finished my first year of college. And by that, I mean that I’ve been spending the last month catching up on TV shows that got left behind in the craziness of papers, projects, and finals. And being the TV expert of the blog (which really just means that I’m the youngest and have time to watch TV because I don’t have “responsibilities” or “rent to pay”), I feel it is my duty to inform you which shows you should be watching or catching up on before they return in the fall/spring. So without further ado, here’s my list of shows you need to watch.


What you should look like after reading this post.

Doctor Who

Plot — Doctor Who tells the story of The Doctor, a Time Lord — a time-travelling humanoid alien. He explores the universe with the help of Companions and faces a variety of foes while working to save civilizations, help ordinary people, and right wrongs. Time Lords go through a life process called a regeneration in which they acquire a new body and personality while retaining their memories. In other words, The Doctor is played many different actors.


Fourteen, thus far.

But don’t worry, you can start with the rebooted series in 2005, which means you only have to catch up with three of the Doctors.

Why You Should Watch — I almost can’t find words to describe how much I love this show. It’s the perfect mix of fun and emotional. You will laugh. You will cry. You will hate it at times, but you’ll always love it. To those who say it’s just another sci-fi show about some guy with a spaceship, or say it’s childish and stupid, you’re wrong.


Yes, the first few seasons can be hard to get through, but trust me (and the rest of The Brothers Baldauf), it’s worth it.

When Does it Return — Sometime in August


Plot — Hannibal is based on the popular characters of from the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist destined to become Graham’s most cunning enemy.

images (4)

There’s something I’m forgetting, I just know it.

Oh right, he’s also a serial killer/cannibal.

Why You Should Watch — Hannibal features some of the best writing and storytelling in recent television history, as well as some incredible acting. Be warned, though, it can be gruesome at times. If you’re squeamish, this show may not be for you. However, it is not gruesome simply to be gruesome — it’s all part of the story. It’s also one of the few shows that has continually gotten better since it began. Season 1 was great, but every episode of season 2 just kept building and building until the finale.

When Does It Return (Because it got renewed!!!!) — Late 2014/Early 2015

Parks and Rec.

Plot — Amy Poehler is in it.

What, that isn’t enough?


Parks and Recreation follows the workers of the parks department in Pawnee, Indiana. It’s done in a single-camera, mockumentary style, like The Office did, and it is hilarious.

Why You Should Watch — Like I said, it’s hilarious. After the show found its format and tone (about halfway through season 2), this show just took off. All of the characters have equally hilarious roles in the show, and the actors playing the characters play those roles fantastically. It’s definitely my favorite sitcom currently on TV. You will LITRALLY never say the word “literally” the same way again.

When Does It Return — No clue. But the next season will be the last.


The rain is actually my tears.

True Detective

Plot — Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey play two Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigations Division homicide detectives who hunt a serial killer in Lousiana across seventeen years.

Why You Should Watch — Once again, the storytelling is fantastic, and Harrelson and McConaughey’s performances are spectacular. This show sucks you in immediately and doesn’t let you leave your couch until you finish the season. Plus, it’s only 8 episodes! That’s only a weekend! Or if you’re like me, a day.


When Does it Return — If rumors are to be believed, January 2015.

Game of Thrones

Plot — Too confusing to type out. Lots of people fighting for a crown. Death. Dragons. Jon Snow knowing nothing and then whining. More death. DEFINITELY NOT INCEST. (Kyle, feel free to actually type out the plot. I know you’re probably exploding right now.)

Why You Should Watch — The story is brilliant, the characters are brilliant, the world is brilliant. Everything is brilliant. George RR Martin, the author of the books, has crafted a series that keeps you constantly on your toes. You never know if your favorite character is going to be alive next week, which is rare in today’s storytelling world.

Forewarning, there is quite a bit of gore and nudity. If that makes you uncomfortable, join the club. We have jackets.


The tallies show how many of our favorite characters have died.

And then keep watching.

When Does It Return — April 2015


Plot — It tells the story of Sherlock Holmes, but in a modern setting. If you don’t know who Sherlock Holmes is, the first step for you will be to take a good hard look at your life.

images (5)

The second will be to cry.

Why You Should Watch — It stars BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!!!! as Sherlock Holmes and MARTIN FREEMAN!!!! (<–one less exclamation point. I love you Martin, but you just can’t beat BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!!!!) as Dr. Watson. Stevan Moffat and Mark Gatiss have brought the classic story into the modern world masterfully. And good lord can they write a story. Also, the performances by BENEDICT and MARTIN are truly unbelievable. Plus, each season is only 3 90-minute episodes!

When Does It Return — Honestly, who knows? It took two years for the last season to come out. Apparently, the leads are famous and doing movies now? Just small independent ones, though. Like, something about a hobby…?


A Hobbit? That’s not a real thing.

House of Cards

I know, I know. It’s not technically on TV, it’s on Netflix. But it’s good enough that I made an exception.

Plot — Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina and House Majority WHIP, who, after being passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of power. The series is primarily about ruthless pragmatism, manipulation, power and doing bad things for the greater good.

Why You Should Watch — Kevin Spacey. He absolutely nails the role of Frank Underwood. He makes you root for him even though he’s a bad guy. And the supporting cast is great as well. Robin Wright is excellent as his wife, and together they make it impossible to stop watching. This show is as entertaining as it gets; it has plenty of twists and turns, ulterior motives, and betrayals that keep you on the edge of your seat.

giphy (3)

Ah well, that’s politics.

And they release all of the episodes on Netflix AT THE SAME TIME! No waiting a week! They know me too well.

When Does It Return — Not even The Google knows.


Well, that’s it! If there are shows you think I forgot, and I’m sure there are, it’s probably because I haven’t watched it yet. Leave your suggestions/thoughts in the comments below!



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  2. baldaufbr says:

    In another moment of success, I convinced one more person to watch Doctor Who yesterday.


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