A Few Of Our Favorite Things

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Maybe someday Julie Andrews

Here’s the rules:

1) Anything on this page must be approved by all FOUR of us in order to qualify as one of our favorite things. And by approve, I mean fully on board. No apathy or indifference (which makes for a very difficult road for Tottenham Hotspurs with Brett’s sports feelings).

2) Occasionally, you may see us writing posts proposing somethings inclusion in this list. If everyone is on board, the post will be updated and linked to below.

3.) And that’s about it. We’ll continue to add things as we go along. Feel free to make suggestions however you may choose–comment, email, shouting at us in public.

And remember, all FOUR of us approve of these, which is no easy task. So check them out!

Other Blogs/Podcasts:


Nerdist Industries/Nerdist podcast/Chris Hardwick



Doctor Who





Chris Pratt


Books or Other Reading Material:

Harry Potter

Calvin and Hobbes



Tottenham Hotspur FC



Super Smash Bros.




Apple (Mac) Products > Windows/Android



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