The Brothers Baldauf


When it comes down to it, few things in this world are certain:
1) Each of us will die someday, though somebody somewhere is sure to be working on that,
2) Coffee is the fourth most consumed beverage in the world following water, tea, and beer,
3) Tea is the second most traded commodity on earth following, you guessed it, water,
4) It almost isn’t fair to count water in either of those statistics,
5) One out of the four of us, the Brothers Baldauf, is right.  About everything.

This blog will attempt to find out which of us is right about any number of topics.

While we will each dish out factoids, defend opinions and perspectives, or debunk falsities in our own time, we will also come together to do the same.  We invite you, beautiful readers, to join us in these conversations.  We are nothing if not logical people, so if you care to casually toss in your two cents we ask you to remember these things:

1) If you are disrespectful we will politely tear you to pieces, revoke your invitation to our internet party, and continue on with our lives as though you don’t breath the same air we do.
2) If you participate well in these goings on and support your claims, we are open and happy to change our opinions and conclusions.  We ask that you do the same.
3) One of us IS right.  Tie goes to a Baldauf–except in the rare occasion of a footrace.  We don’t do the running particularly well.

Covering the tracks:
–We do not own the above image.  Well, I suppose we do.  It’s in a book around here somewhere.
–Many thanks to Moshe Kasher for coining the term ‘internet party.’  Much appreciation.
–It would be wrong not to recognize that we got our astoundingly uncanny ability to be correct from somewhere.  Thanks Mom.  It would also be wrong not to recognize that we got our astoundingly uncanny inability to run from somewhere.  Thanks Dad.
–For real though, Mom and Dad, you guys are the greatest.
–And of course, thank you for reading.  In many ways, we do this for you.

Now, introducing the Brothers Baldauf:

The Doctor:

Hello, I’m the Doctor. Well, not quite yet. I’m working on it. I’m currently trudging my way through medical school, one passing grade at a time. Being in medicine, I’ll probably be talking about medical issues, or science in general, quite a bit. I also have a degree in political science, so I would expect some policy-geared posts as well (which I promise to support with evidence while trying to maintain a balanced approach).

When I have free time, I tend to read about behavioral psychology/economics or sports. So there will be some of that mixed in, along with TV and movies. Any questions or topics you’d like to see me address–you can leave a comment, email me ( or twitter at me (@srbaldauf).

The Professor:
For starters, I have no aspirations of becoming a professor unless a collegiate level establishment wants to pay to send me to another country every year.  I have been told, however, that I often dress like and therefore appear to be a young professor.  Bow ties are cool, damn it.  More to the point, I do intend to teach, hopefully at a high school level.  English is my aim and grammar is my game.  That’s mostly true.  I majored in English and intend to teach it.  I enjoy grammar.  I certainly don’t go out of my way to play grammar games.  I just wanted to rhyme, and alliteration is never a bad thing.

I read a lot about language, neuroplasticity, emotional intelligence, education, and occasionally food.  I assume this means that I will post about some of these things sometimes.  I also read books.  Like, real books.  Generally fiction books.  I’ll probably talk about those too.  It is also likely that sustainability and intentional living will enter the conversations as well.

And possibly foxes.  Foxes are the coolest.

The Actor

I’ve always been a performer (read: attention whore). The biggest issue with being a performer? You develop a constant need for validation. Compound that with being the 3rd of 4 boys (meaning forced to live up to two brothers who picked two different paths, and not loved as much as the 4th), and you’ll understand where my need to be right comes from. My brothers like being right; I need it.

While my brothers and friends spend countless hours studying, reading, and practicing in their respective fields, I spend my time watching TV, movies, and plays, analyzing and critiquing performances, questioning directing choices, and all sorts of other things I’m probably unqualified to do. I also wouldn’t be much of an actor if I didn’t spend a fair amount of time pondering what is at the core of who we are as people (read: I have a massive identity complex). While I honestly believe this helps me in my artistic endeavors, it also leaves me at a severe disadvantage when thrown into arguments that require “facts” and “actual information” about “things that actually matter.” Thus, I will spend my time on here typically arguing from a thought-driven, opinion-based perspective (leading me to be torn to shreds by my brothers–standard fare in our family). If you care to share your thoughts and opinions as well, I look forward to seeing them in the comments, or feel free to follow me on twitter (@kbaldy15).

As an after thought, I noticed that my blurb was the longest (read: I win).

The Musician

Being referred to as “The Musician” made me realize that the term is a bit misleading.  If you’re thinking of me as some awesomely cool person who writes a bunch of original songs, and plays in cool cafes, and has really strange hair that somehow works with my overall “look,” stop it.  I neither do nor have any of those things.  Then again, that person sounds cooler than I am, so think of me like that in your mind.

I’m a musician in the sense that I play a number of instruments and love music — so much so that I’m going to school to become a music teacher (choral ed, for those who were wondering).  Therefore, many of my posts will be related to music, whether it be “check out this band!” or “here’s why I’m going to be broke in the future!”  I will also probably post things about TV shows, movies, books, plays/musicals, education, environmental topics that either interest or frustrate me, animals and their habitats (quick side note:  I watched a video yesterday about a guy who does nature-y things in Africa, and he’s bonded so much with lion prides and hyena cackles that they hug him when he shows up.  They HUG him!), and anything else I see that I think is cool.  If you want me to discuss anything in particular or you want to tell me why I’m wrong about something, you’re more than welcome to email me (  I appreciate your input a great deal.  Not as much as I appreciate instant streaming on Netflix, but still a fair amount.

But really though, watch that lion video.

Hey, The Actor, my blurb is longer than yours.  Where’s your validation, now?

^^Instead of going in and deleting my initial comment about mine being the longest, I would just like to point out to the readers that this is the sort of shit I’ve had to deal with my whole life. The Actor


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2 thoughts on “The Brothers Baldauf

  1. Mikki says:

    Don’t tell the others…but even though I haven’t been following you that long, you’re one of my favorite blogs. I love the mix of deep thought and Doctor Who gifs (although, who’s to say they’re mutally exclusive). That’s why I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You don’t have to accept, but you can find out more about it here:

    Ciao for now,


  2. GRANDPA says:

    brothers baldauf all of you cut the ego crap seeyou 9/6


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