The Blogstitution

We the Brothers of the family Baldauf, in order to form a more perfect Blog, establish order, insure posting consistency, provide for the common reader, promote the general reading of the Blog, and secure the stability for ourselves and our readership, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Blog of the Brothers Baldauf.

Article I: Posting

Section i.  Posting Schedule

A Brother will post within his allotted time of the two week posting cycle, which is ordered thus: The Professor, The Doctor, The Musician, The Actor. The week shall be divided in two parts; Sunday-Wednesday and Wednesday-Saturday. Each brother shall write and post in the appropriate segment, or be subject to punishment (see Article III).

Section ii.   Topics

A) At least one post within an eight week cycle (see Article II.i for further detail) shall relate to the author’s namesake or the author’s secondary interests as outlined by their information sections found on the Brothers Baldauf page.

B) Authors will vary their posts so that no more than two posts consecutively should be of similar taste. If one writes about medicine in one post and medicine the next, then the third shall not be about medicine. Should two of a Brothers’ post be deemed of a high, fluffy quality, then that Brother shall write a post of much gravity next. Brothers should also vary topics between Brothers, with no more than two consecutive posts pertaining to the same topic. There shall be one exception to this rule–a Brother can exceed the “two consecutive” rule when writing a post in direct response to another Brother, within time since their previous post.

Article II: Special Posts

Section i.   Group Posts

Group posts will be defined by an eight week cycle, with each Brother choosing a topic, in the same order as pertains to posting, and posting every other weekend. Following each eight week cycle, a video group post, the topic of which will be decided upon collaboratively, will be done.

Section ii.   Video Posts

A) Video posts will adhere to the topical rules outlined in Article II.ii.

B) Video posts shall not exceed five minutes, lest a Brother follow the procedure laid out in Article V.

Article III: Punishments

If a Brother cannot abide by the rules laid out within this Constitution, he shall be subject to shame, disgrace, and punishment.

A) If a Brother does not publish a post within the time frame detailed in Article I.i, he shall be subject to a punishment post, as decided upon by the other Brothers or by reader suggestion. This punishment post will then be published as the disgraced Brother’s following post, given the punishment is made clear to the Punished within the following posting segment. If the punishment topic is not given in the proper segment, the disgraced Brother shall go unpunished, and shame will be given to the other Brothers.

Should a Brother fail to publish their punishment post by the deadline, the punishment shall be extended to a video punishment in addition to the original punishment, both of which must be completed within a week of the decision of the video punishment.

If a Brother is unable to carry out these punishment, his fate shall be decided by the other Brothers, or, if necessary in the most extreme cases, the official Mother of the Blog.

B) Should a Brother fail to complete his portion of a group post, his punishment shall entail a video post pertaining to the missed group post, as well as a written punishment as decided upon by the Brothers.

Article IV: Favorites

Acceptance of any person, place, or object into the esteemed “Favorite Things” page must be unanimous. If a Brother has a proposal for a Favorite, he shall propose it in a post, so that the other Brothers may deem it worthy or rejected. Any rejected proposal can be re-proposed after a two month waiting period. Should a proposal fail to be accepted on its second proposal, it shall be ineligible for the rest of time.

Article V: Amendments and Special Exceptions

A) Any amendment to this official Constitution must be approved by a majority of the Brothers. Thus, the number shall be three. One shall not count, nor shall one count to two, lest they then proceed to three. Five is right out.

B) As in Article V.a, special exceptions to rules may also be granted should a Brother receive support from two brothers, thereby making the number in favor three.

Brothers Consitution


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